Mi Corazon Chords


Mi Corazon Chords (Transposable):

C D Em G/B C D Em G/B C D/F# G D G G

Verse 1
G Am9 Em9
My heart is filled with songs of praise
Am9 Em9
You gave me hope, You made a way
Am7 B7 D# Am E Em
Now I long to live in Your presence
Bm D C2 C2 C2 E D4 F#
For all my days

G2 G G2 E Em
My soul sings, my spir-it shouts
G2 G G D D
With eve - ry breath I'm crying out
Esus D7 F# E7 G# Am7 D9 G C
I want to live for You alone
F#m7 b5 Bsus B Esus Em
You have captured my heart, mi corazon
Am9 Bsus B Em2
Lord, I give You my whole heart, mi corazon
F#m7 b5 Am7 D
You have captured my heart

Interlude 1
C D Em G/B
C D/F# G D G G

Verse 2
G Am9 Em9 Am9 Em9
Amazing grace has rescued me, You paid the price, You set me free
Am7 B7 D# Am E Em
I will sing Your praises forev-er
Bm D C2 C2 C2 E D4 F#
My Savior and King

Am7 D9
I will give You glory, tell the wondrous story
G2 G Esus D7 F# E7 G#
How You res-cued me
Am7 D9
I'm the guilty one, but You sacrificed Your Son
Am E Em
Your One and on-ly
Am G D/F# Em D C C B B Bsus B7
Now I stand before You blameless and ho-ly

Interlude 2
Am9 Em9 Am9 Em9 Am7 D9
G C F#m7 b5 B7 C2 C2 D C2 E D4 F#

C D Em G/B C D Em G/B C D/F# G

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