Almighty God Holy One Chords

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Almighty God Holy One Chords (Transposable):

F Gm7 D Gm7 C F Gm7 D Gm7 C

F C7sus4
Almighty God, Holy One
Cm7 Eb C7
Who can stand before You, who can come
F C7sus4
Perfect Lamb who bore our sin
Cm7 Eb C7
Who deserves such mercy, gracious King

F Gm7 C7
I come to Your throne of grace
I'm standing in Christ
Gm7 C7
I'm clothed in His righteousness
Dm9 Bb C7 Dm9
To know Your presence, to seek Your face
Gm7 D Gm7 C7 F
Father I delight in Your embrace






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