Before The Cross Chords


Before The Cross Chords (Transposable):

A2 E Bm9 E/G# A2 E/G# D2 Dmaj9

Verse 1
A2 E2 Bm9 E/G# A
My Savior's sacrifice paid for all my sin
E Bm7 E/G# F#m9
So in my suffering I look to the cross again
D2 E F#m
No need, no want, no trial no pain
C#m7 D2
Can compare to this
D2 E F#m
The wrath of God, once meant for me
G Esus4 E
Was all spent on Him

Before the cross, I humbly bow
E E D D A A Bm A A
I place my trust in the Savior
E D A/C#
Your finished work captures my gaze
D F#m7 E A2 E Bm9 D2
You bore the wrath, I know the grace

Verse 2
A E Bm9 E/G# A
In my darkest hour, Your Presence is my peace
E Bm9 E/G# F#m7
In my days of joy, Your grace carries me
D E F#m
Jesus, my Great High Priest
C#m7 D2
The One who pleads for me
D E F#m
My heart is filled with faith in You
G Esus4 E
Here at Calvary, on my knees


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