Broken Man Chords


Broken Man Chords (Transposable):

A F#m D A D A A F#m D A

Verse 1
D A E F#m
I've heard it said that music heals the soul
But I have a sung a thousand songs and they never made me whole
D A C# F#m
Until I joined the holy chorus that started long ago
D E D2
Though it carried me a while, still so many miles to go

A F#m D A D A
Help this broken man when the road is long
A F#m D A D A
Write in me a melody so I can sing redemption songs
A F#m
'Cause when push comes to shove
Never be enough to make it on my own
Help this broken man's soul, help this broken man's soul

Verse 2
D A E F#m
Now I've sung these words so many s before
D A E E7
But I never felt anything see I wanted something more
D A C# F#m
Then it came like rushing waters to these old dry and dusty bones
D E D2
Your life-giving words pick me up and take me home


E D A E D A E D A E D2


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