Christ Is Risen Indeed Chords


Christ Is Risen Indeed Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
A2 D2 E D D2
What a morning when the silence turned to singing
A2 D2 E D D2
What rejoicing on the third appointed day
F#m7 D2
The cross exhausted all its cruelty and its power
Bm7 D E
But love declared its victory and rolled the stone away

Asus A F#m7 E D
Christ is ris - en He is risen indeed
Death has been defeated and the grave has lost its sting
Asus A F#m7
Halle - lu-jah
E D Bm7 D
With the angels we will sing Christ is risen
Esus A
Christ is risen indeed

Verse 2
A2 D2 E D D2
Such a hope we have in Christ the resur-rection
A2 D2 E D D2
Such a joy to know by grace we've been redeemed
F#m7 D2
Through Christ we died a death to sin and all its folly
Bm7 D E
But glorified, we will rise to live eternally

D A/C# Bm7 A/C#
Salvation and immortal praise to our victorious King
D A/C# Bm A2 C# D
Let the heavens and the earth with glad hosannas ring


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