Covenant Of Grace Chords


Covenant Of Grace Chords (Transposable):

The wonder of Your mercy Lord
Cmaj7 G2 Em7
The beauty of Your grace; that You would even pardon me
Am7 D7sus4
And bring me to this place
G2 Cmaj7
I stand before Your holiness I can only stand amazed
Am7 D7sus4 C2
The sinless Savior died to make a covenant of grace.

Verse 1
I only want to serve You bring honor to Your name
Em Am
And though I've often failed You
D7sus4 C2 G C2
Your faithfulness remains I'll glory in my weakness
That I might know Your strength
Am7 G/B
I will live my life at the cross of Christ
C Dsus4 G
And raise a banner to proclaim the wonder of Your grace.


Verse 2
You welcome us before You into this holy place
Em Am
The brilliance of your glory
D7sus4 C2
Demands our endless praise
G C2 Em
The one, the only Savior has opened heaven's doors
Am7 G/B
We can enter in free from all our sin
C Dsus4
By Your cleansing sacrifice the wonder of Your.

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