Faithful And Just Chords


Faithful And Just Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Cm Fm7 Ab Bb Bb Ab
Lord, You're faithful and just
Gm7 Cm Gm7 Ab2
In You I put my trust, mighty God
Bb2 Bb C C
Everlasting Father

Verse 2
Cm Fm7 Ab Bb
Your Word is faithful and true
Bb Ab Gm7 Cm Gm7 Ab2
What You promised You will do, Oh Lord
Bb2 Bb C C
Your Word endures forev -er

C Bb Ab2 Ab Bb Bb Cm Gm7
You're faithful, faithful and Your mercy never ends
Ab2 Bb2 C Bb/D C/E Fm C
The world will pass away but Your words are here to stay
C7 Fm7 Bb2 Cm
You're wonderful, counselor, mighty God
Bb Ab2 Bb2 Bb C C
Lord Jehovah, You are the great I AM