Father Bring Together Chords


Father Bring Together Chords (Transposable):

F/A G/B Dm7 C/E
Father, bring together the Church that bears Your name,
Bb F/A Dm7 Gsus G
Fill us with the passion to proclaim that Jesus reigns,
C/E F/A G/B Dm7 C/E
Pour oil on our prayers and let Your Spirit come,
Bb F/A Dm7 Gsus G
We'll fight against the darkness, don't let the flame die down.

F G C G C Bb C F C G
For the Church stands before You in worship,
Am Am2 G D/F# D C/E
Prayers burning bright against the sky;
F G F Em Am
Lord, we want to burn, not just a flick'ring flame,
Dm7 C/E F Gsus G Csus C
But to be wholly consumed in Your name.