For Me Chords


For Me Chords / Audio (Transposable):

Verse 1
Cm Eb Ab
My God is for me, I know His hand is on my life
F5 Bb Cm
I have the blessing of the Father
Eb Ab F5 Bb Cm
A sweet assurance in my heart that I'm forgiven
Eb Ab
No condemnation now for me
F5 Bb Cm Eb Ab
In Jesus Christ I am accepted, I am a son and I am free

F5 Bb Ab Cm
So tell me, who can separate me from His love
Ab Cm Bb
Who can snatch me from His hand or stand against His perfect plan
Ab Cm
For I am hidden now with Christ in God
Ab F5 Bb
Secure for eternity secure in His love

Verse 2
Cm Eb Ab
I have been lifted out of the mire to the rock
F5 Bb Cm
I have been made alive with Jesus
Eb Ab
The old has gone, the new has come
F5 Bb Cm Eb Ab
And now I'm living in all the blessing that You've won
F5 Bb Cm
Your Holy Spirit is my helper
Eb Ab
I know I'll always be Your son

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