God Delights In You Chords


God Delights In You Chords (Transposable):

G D/F# Em7 Dsus

Verse 1
G D/F#
Calling every daughter calling every son
Em7 Dsus
All who've been adopted through a sacrifice of love
Dsus Em Dsus
There's no need for you to fear Your debts have all been cleared

Verse 2
G D/F#
Calling all the downcast who feel like they're alone
Em7 Dsus C2
Anyone who's longing for a family of their own
Dsus Em Dsus
God's prepared a place for you He's calling you to

C2 G D/F# Em7
Come and sing, come and dance
C2 G Dsus
The Father's singing over you
C2 G D/F# Em7 C2 G Dsus G
Come rejoice and be glad for God delights in you, in you
D/F# Em7 Dsus

Verse 3
G D/F#
Calling all who've wandered, gone off on their own
Em7 Dsus C2
Anyone who wonders if they're welcome back at home
Dsus Em Dsus Dsus
The God of grace makes all things new He's calling you to

Am7 G D/F# Em7 D
You chose us to be the objects of Your love
C2 G D/F# D
In spite of all we have done
Am7 G D/F# Em7 D
You gave Your beloved Son to die for us
C2 G D
To make us daughters and sons