Grace Is Enough Chords


Grace Is Enough Chords (Transposable):

G A Bm7

Verse 1
G A Bm7
I can boast to many works done out of insecurity
G A Bm7
And credit many conversations to my immaturity
A/C# D D G
And while I'm misunderstood You are understanding me
Em7 Asus A
And showing me how grace is enough

Verse 2
For everything that I've done right
Seems like a thousand I've done wrong
G A Bm7
And I keep on losing count of all the s my flesh has won
A/C# D
And when the light of Christ that's in me
Is overshadowed by the fall
Em7 Asus A
You're showing me how grace is enough

G2 G2 B A/C#
And When I feel unworthy, so undeserving

D Bm7
Still I can come just as I am
Still I can come just as
G2 Asus A
For I find Your love is free of condition
I am, ah
D Bm7
So I will run to Your wide open arms where I
So I will run wide open arms
G2 Asus A G2 A Bm7
Am accepted and I am forgiven, grace is enough for me
G2 A D2 D Bm7
Your grace is enough for me

Verse 3
G A Bm7
I've been quick at passing judgment when I'm worthy of conviction
G A Bm7
And at s I've measured virtue only based on my religion
A/C# D D G
But theology it seems is not the thing that's saving me
Em7 Asus A
You are showing me a grace that's enough

Bm7 F#m7
Though I was blind now I see
Now I see
G2 D A
Sweet is the sound of Your grace over me
Bm7 F#m7
For You said it all on the cross
There on the cross
Your grace goes beyond all that I've done
G2 A G2 B A/C#
When I feel unworthy, so undeserving
G2 A G2 B A/C#
You love me beyond all my failing and hurting
G2 A G2 B A/C#
It's not who I am but who I can be
G2 A G2 B A/C#
I know You are working Your purpose in me

G2 A D G2
Your grace is enough, more than enough
Em7 A7sus D Bm7 G2 A7sus D
Your grace is enough for me

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