Grace To Grace Chords


Grace To Grace Chords (Transposable):

F     C   Dm     Bb   F     C   Dm     Bb  

Verse 1
F                     C     Dm      Bb
 If love endured that ancient cross
F                   C     Dm        Bb
 How precious is my Saviour's blood
F                     C           Dm     Bb
 The beauty of heaven wrapped in my shame
F                    C       Dm   
 The image of love upon death's frame

Pre-chorus 1
Bb                       C   
 If having my heart was worth the pain
Bb                            C          F/A 
 What joy could You see beyond the grave
Bb                              C   
 If love found my soul worth dying for

    Bb   F           C  Dm 
How wonderful, how glorious
   Bb      F           C  Dm 
My Saviour's scars, victorious
   Am7       Bbmaj7    C      Dm 
My chains are gone, my debt is paid
     Bb      F                     C     Bb 
From death to life, and grace to grace

Interlude 1
F     C   Dm     Bb   F     C   Dm     Bb  

Verse 2
F                         C   Dm     Bb
 If heaven now owns that vacant tomb
F                           C    Dm      Bb
 How great is the hope that lives in You
F                               C        Dm    Bb
 The passion that tore through hell like a rose
F                              C          Dm      Am7    
 The promise that rolled back death and its stone

Pre-chorus 2
Bb                        Dm  C         
 If freedom is worth the life  You raised
Bb                    Dm  C         F/A 
 Where is my sin, where is my shame
Bb                       Dm   C 
 If love paid it all to have my heart


Interlude 2
F   F  

 When I see that cross I see freedom
 When I see that grave I'll see Jesus
F                                         C 
 And from death to life I will sing Your praise
               F/A       Bb
In the wonder of Your grace

                 C           Dm7 
How my soul will sing Your praise
              Bb        F
In the wonder of Your grace
How my soul will sing Your praise






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