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Greater Are You Chords (Transposable):

G C2 G D

Verse 1
G C2 G D Em C G
Greater are You Who lives in me
Am Em
Than any Goliath I must fight
Greater than all my enemies
G Am Bsus4 B
Using what they mean for harm for good in my life

C D/F# G
And greater are You living in me
C Dsus4 D
Than he who's in the world
C D/F# G
You move the mountains You part the seas
C Dsus4 D Am G D
To You belongs the rule and dominion forever
Am G Dsus4 D G C2 G D
And dominion forev- er amen

Verse 2
G C2 G D Em C G
Greater are You who lives in me
Am Em
Than any afflictions that arise
Greater are You than all my trials
G Am
They are but tools in Your Hand
Bsus4 B
To make me like Christ


G C2 G D G

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