Hands On The Cross Chords


Hands On The Cross Chords (Transposable):

Am F/A Gsus4 G

Verse 1
Am F/A C G G
Hands on the cross that had once held earth
Am F/A C G G
Thorns on the brow where once was heaven's crown
Dm7 Am G
Surrendered and humbled to death
Dm7 Am G
Emptied and suffering with every breath

F C Gsus4 G
The Son, the man, the Christ, the Lamb
The Maker of all things, Jesus

Verse 2
Am F/A C G G
Raised from the tomb and now sits on His throne
Am F/A C G G
Soon to return and to welcome us home
Dm7 Am G
In splendour and wonder and might
Dm7 Am G
With color and fire and blinding light

F Am G G

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