Teach Me Of Your Ways Chords


Teach Me Of Your Ways Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Bm7 E
Teach me of Your ways
Bm7 E
To honour You with all I have
Bm7 E
And that I learn to say
Bm7 E
Not my will, but Yours my Lord

A F#m
O Jesus, be glorified with all of my life
B7 D# D
It's all about You and the worship You're due
So help me to change, mould me like clay
B7 D# D Bm
Lord have Your way, Lord have Your way with me

Verse 2
Bm7 E
Lord, I long to be
Bm7 E
A faithful child who honours You
Bm7 E
So Jesus be in me
Bm7 E
Let Your light shine through me now