Intimately, Reverently Chords


Intimately, Reverently Chords (Transposable):

E A/C# Bsus4 A

Verse 1
E Esus4 E Esus4
Your voice is like thunder, like the roar of the sea
C#m7 Bsus4 A
Yet You talk to us in whispers and You sing songs over me

E/G# A E/G# A E/G# A Bsus4 A/C#
Intimately, yet reverently, You call us, call us to praise

Verse 2
E Esus4
Your hands craft rivers and mountains
E Esus4
And they hold the stars in their place
C#m7 Bsus4 A
Yet still Your arms are open, our hearts You freely embrace

E/G# A Bsus4 A/C#
With my face on the ground and my heart bowing down
E/G# A Bsus4 A/C#
What else can I do but fall down and worship You