I Love Jesus Chords


I Love Jesus Chords (Transposable):

E C#m B

Verse 1
F#m7 E
Got this feelin' in my bones
F#m7 E
Got this feelin' ready to explode
C#m B A E
As I stood at the crossroads of eternity
C#m B
And I stood and let the light of God
Shine down on me, down on me

I sing from my heart
C#m A
I will shout it in the streets oh
E B A E/G# A
That I love Jesus and He loves me

Verse 2
F#m7 E
Got this hunger for my home
F#m7 E
Destination where the river roams
C#m B A E
As I stand and I long before the starry night
C#m B
As that day is gonna come when You are
In my sights, in my sights

C#m A
I've been wanderin' for so long
Like a lonely rollin' stone
Never knowing that true love could be
C#m A
Like a million blazing suns
Your love came shining through the dark
You played my heart
C#m B B C#m B B E
Just like a sweet song, sweet song

A E/G# A A E/G# A E

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