In Sync / Spotlight Chords


In Sync / Spotlight Chords (Transposable):

F2 G G Am7 C/E F2 F2

Verse 1
F2 G Am7
My life's filled with Your melody
C/E F2
An outcry of a life redeemed
F2 G Am7
My heart's tuned to Your mystery
C/E F2
In sync with You, In sync with You

Verse 2
F2 G Am7
My heart beats to Your rhythm now
C/E F2
My life song an eternal sound
F2 G Am7
For all You've done, Lord, I'll sing it loud
C/E F2
Forevermore, forevermore

F G Am Em
In Your freedom, here I stand
Letting go of all I a - m
Am Em F
Jesus, take control, oh, oh

F2 G C/E F
I'm caught up in the middle of Your em - brace
All I have surrendered Lord to Your name
Jesus, I'm forever singing Your praise
F2 G G Am7 C/E F F
F2 G G C/E F2 F2

Verse 3
F2 G Am7
The skies echo Your love for us
C/E F2
Your anthem raised from the empty cross
F2 G Am7
The earth shakes as the truth resounds
C/E F2
That You're alive, You're with us now



F2 G Am
Let our hearts keep beating
C/E F2
To the sound of heaven's song
F2 G Am
No, we won't stand silent
C/E F2 F2 G
We will sing like never be - fore


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