Jesus Does Chords

Jesus Does Chords / Audio (Transposable):

Gb Gb B Gb B/Gb Gb

Verse 1
Gb Gb
Who tells the sun to rise every morning
Colors the sky with the shades of His glory
B Gb B/Gb Gb B
Wakes us with mercy and love, Jesus does
Gb B
Who holds the orphan, comforts the widow
Gb Gb/Bb
Cries for injustice, feels ev'ry sorrow
B Gb B/Gb Gb
Carries the pain of His children, Jesus does

B Gb
So we sing, praise to the Father who gave us the Son
B Ebm Db Db
Praise to the Spirit who's living in us
B Ebm E B
When I was a sinner, He saved me from who I was

Ebm Db Gb
'Cause that's what Jesus does

Gb Gb B

Verse 2
Gb Gb
Who understands the heart of the sinner
Gb Gb/Bb
Showers His grace over all our mistakes
B Gb B Gb
Washes us clean with His blood, Jesus does
Gb Gb
Who sings the song of sweet forgiveness
Gb Gb/Ab Gb/Bb
Who stole the keys to hell and the grave
B Gb B/Gb Gb
Who has the power to save, Jesus does


B Db
Oh what a Friend, oh what a Savior
Gb/Bb B Gb/Bb
He's always been good, He's always been faithful
B Db Ebm Db B Gb/Bb
He came to my rescue when I needed Him most and saved my soul


Gb Gb B Gb B/Gb Gb B Gb

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