Lazy Bones Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
D A Bm G
Have you heard about Mr. Lazy Bones
D A Bm G
You can find him sleeping on his couch at home
D A Bm G
When there's work outside for him to do
D A Em Em D A/C# A
He is working hard to find another excuse

Verse 2
D A Bm G
Mr. Lazy Bones tells you he's afraid
D A Bm G
Never ever finishes the plans he's made
D A Bm G
When you want his help around the house
D A Em Em D A/C# A
You can try to find him but he's never around

G D A Bm
Lazy Bones can help us see what we never want to be
He doesn't have a hope or a clue
G D A Bm A
When we work to please the Lord God will make our plans secure
Em7 A D A Bm G D A Bm G
And He'll be glorified in all we do

Verse 3
D A Bm G
See the busy ants working all the
D A Bm G
No one has to tell them how to stay alive
D A Bm G
Getting ready for winter days ahead
D A Em Em D A/C# A
Gathering their food until the comes to rest