Led To The Lost / A Life Of Love Chords


Led To The Lost / A Life Of Love Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
Dm F Bb
I know You love an offering that's costly, outreaching
Dm C
Touching Your heart for the poor
The songs we sing as our offerings
F Bb
Are more fragrant in Your presence
Dm C
If we live a life of love

And as we follow Your heart, we are led to the lost
Dm Dm C G7 B C
Finding there a place of praise no matter what the cost
[, s] F
So we will stand with the weak
Give our most to the least
Dm Dm C G7 B C
Serving You with all we have, Your kingdom God we seek
A7 C# Dm
We are led to the lost

Verse 2
Dm F Bb
Now I see what You command, be faithful and humble
Dm C
Putting selfish hopes aside
Dm F Bb
So change my heart that I may love my neighbour as my brother
Dm C
And to live a life of love

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