Let The Flame Burn Brighter / We’ll Walk Chords


Let The Flame Burn Brighter / We’ll Walk Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
We'll walk the land with hearts on fire,
And ev'ry step will be a prayer;
Am Em Am7 C D G
Hope is rising, new day dawning, sound of singing fills the air.
Two thousand years, and still the flame
Is burning bright across the land;
Am Em Am7 C D G
Hearts are waiting, longing, aching for awakening once again.

Let the flame burn brighter in the heart of the darkness,
C D Am
Turning night to glorious day; let the song grow louder,
As our love grows stronger,
D C2 Em7 D G C Em7 D
Let it shine, let it shine!
D C2 Em7 Am7 C D
Let it shine,

Verse 2
And side by side, one heart, one song, though many streams,
C Am Em
We'll flow as one; till Christ's compassion floods the nations,
Am7 C D G
And all creation sees Him come.
Our Captain calls, the King of kings and Lord of lords,
C Am Em
Faithful and true; so let our answer resound like thunder,
Am7 C D G
Jesus, Master, we're with You!

G C Em7 D G C Em7 Am7 C D C D G
Let it shine, let it shine!

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