Light Will Shine Chords


Light Will Shine Chords (Transposable):

A F# D

Verse 1
A F# D
Salvation rise as we sing of Your freedom
A F# D
We leave the past behind as we look to Your kingdom

Verse 2
A F#m D
You bridge the great divide between our hearts and Your glory
A F#m D
Our shame dissolved in the depths of Your mercy

Bm F#m D
We are devoted Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Bm F#m D
We are devoted to You

Your light will shine in the darkness
Your light will shine in the dark
F#m D
In the dark woah we are Yours

Verse 3
A F#m D
We fill the open skies with the sound of Your praises
A F#m D
Our future lies in the hope of our Saviour

E F#m D D
It's Your love Your love woah woah

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