Peace Upon The Earth Chords (Transposable):

Bb7 Bb7 Bb7 Bb7 Eb Bb7

Verse 1
Eb Ddim7/Eb Eb Bb/D C7 Edim/F Fm
His star shines above us, to lead toward the Saviour
Bb/D G7/B Cm Adim Bb7sus Bb7 Eb
A baby born in Beth-le - hem, our Emmanuel

Verse 2
Eb Ddim7/Eb Eb Bb/D C7 Edim/F Fm
The Son in a manger shall heal the blind and broken
Bb G7/B Cm Adim Bb7sus
His love shall warm the coldest soul
Bb7 Eb
As the snow is melted by the dawn

Bb F/A
'Neath the stars choirs of angels
Ab Abm Eb
Raise their heavenly voices
Edim F Gm Cm7 F Bb Bb/A Bb/Ab Gm Gm/F Bb
Glory to God and, peace upon the earth

Verse 3
Eb Ddim/Eb Eb Bb/D C7 Edim/F Fm
For all who believe Him, shall gain life everlasting
Bb/D G7/B Cm Adim Bb7sus Bb7 Eb
His kingdom endures eternal, Christ forever will reign


Eb Ddim/Eb Eb Bb/D C7 C7 Edim/F Fm
Bb/D G7/B Cm Adim Bb7sus Bb7 Eb Eb

Abm Abm6 Eb6 Abm Abm6 Eb
Glory to God, glory to God
Adim Eb/Bb G7/B Cm
And peace up - - -on the earth
F7/A Eb/Bb Bb7 Eb6
And peace up - - on the earth

Eb Ddim/Eb Eb Eb/D C7 Edim7/F Fm
Bb G7/B Cm Adim7 Bb7sus Bb7 Abm6/Eb Eb

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