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Lose Myself Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
E/G# A
Let me disappear may You appear
E/G# A
Wanting less of me and more of You
C#m B A C#m B A
Giving You all I have inside; abandoning all my own desires

Interlude 1
C#m B A C#m B A

Verse 2
E/G# A
Heal my calloused heart and make me new
E/G# A
Let me feel Your presence in this room
C#m B A
Relinquishing everything inside
C#m B A
I'm shedding the layers of my pride to worship You

E E/G# A
I cannot breathe without You; I just can't be without You
E B/D# A C#m E/G#
I am reaching out my hands to You; my heart is dying for You
A E B/D# A
My eyes are crying for You; I surrender all I am to You
C#m A
Sacrificing what it costs to find You; wanna lose myself in You

Interlude 2
E B/D# C#m A

E B/D# C#m A
Inundated intoxicated consumed in all of You



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