Loved Chords / Audio (Transposable):

Dbmaj9 Bbm Ab/Eb Eb

Verse 1
Db2 Eb5
Nothing I do could ever shake You
Fm Db2
You're never mistaken, surprised or undone
Db2 Eb5 Fm
I won't resist, surrendered to this
Db Bbm Ab
Hands reaching up, I am loved

Db Bbm
Oh, Hallelujah, my heart knows the truth of
Ab Ebsus
The love that has never let go
Db Bbm
Over and over, You pull me in closer
Ab/Eb Eb
'Til I just stop fighting and know
Db2 Bbm Ab/C Eb
(I am loved)

Verse 2
Db2 Eb5
You never run, You never hide
Fm Db2
You see my worst but You don't close Your eyes
Db2 Eb Fm
Just as I am and until I'm changed
Db Eb Ab
Your kindness will keep me, I am loved



Db Eb
Thundering over the ache of my sin
Fm Ab/C
You just keep saying again and again
Db Eb
That nowhere I've run to and nothing I've been
Fm Eb Db
Changes who You say I am



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