Make Me Like You Chords


Make Me Like You Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
F C Dm7 Bb
With mercy You've shown me, Your unfailing love
F C Dm7 Bb
Your holiness purges my sin
F C Dm7
Your blood has redeemed me, I'm washed in Your grace
Bb F C F
With patience You cleanse me within

F C C Dm7 Csus
Make me like You
Bb F/A Csus
Take the pieces of my life and make it new
Dm7 Csus G/B
Make me like You
Gm7 Csus F C
Make me wholly completely brand new

C Dm7 Bb F C Dm7 Bb

Verse 2
F C Dm7 Bb
To love the unloved ones to count all but loss
F C Dm7 Bb
I take up my cross for You
F C Dm7 Bb
To picture You broken to see You as King
For You anything I will do

Dm7 Bb F C F