Maker of All Things Chords


Maker of All Things Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1:
C2             G          D     C2  
You shaped the heavens and the earth
    C2      D       C2
Revealed Your splendour
C2               D             C2
You spoke Your life into our hearts
          D      C2
So we belong to You


C2                    D    G
You are the Maker of all things
C2             D
First and the Last
C2              D     G       C2
Creation sings praise to You, God
C2                  D  G
You're reigning in glory
C2          D
Ancient of Days
C2                 D     G       C2
Your people sing praise to You, God


C2        G      D         C2
Creator God, in You all things
C2         D   C2
Now hold together
C2           D               C2
Working Your wonders day by day
              D   C2
You'll reign forever

Chorus x4

Bridge: x2
D                G
Earth joins with heaven
Declaring Your glory
    D            Em           C2
Proclaiming the works of Your hands