Ministry Time Chords


Ministry Time Chords (Transposable):

[a simple chord progression freely between E and A6 while
Kevin prays and prophesies and ministers]
Breathe in, breathe in the power of the Holy Spirit
All you singers, all of you who worship the Lord our God
All of you who play for the Lord on instruments of music
All of you who sing the songs of Zion, all of you who drum
With drums, all of you who blow sweet instruments of music
Be filled with the power of my God, go forth and do great
Exploits for your King. He has called you, he knew you from
The begining, before ordainded that you would become sons of
The living God. Cry out to the Lord, cry out to the Lord
Your God, cry out to the Lord. I will resore the dwellings of
Judah. I will restore those of you who are timid. I will break
The bondage of the fear of man off of you sayeth the Lord
Your God. I will break the power of darkness. Some of you are
Feeling a tremendous burning sensation, there's the spirit of
Evangelisim that's all over you. It's evangelistic worship.
Worship, evangelistic worship. Burning, burning upon you
God is preparing a host of evangelistic sounds and melodies
Of heaven. God we say that we are awake, Lord. Oh sing sing
sing sing to the Lord your God. Sing. Sing to the Lord.
Release the spirit of might. The spirit of might to come upon
These mighty men and women of God. The spirit of counsel.
The spirit of the fear of the Lord. The spirit of understanding.
The spirit of counsel. Release Your power, Lord God. Let us
Not judge one another, oh God. Let us love, oh Lord. Give us
Ears to hear our Lord our God. We need some help bad. We need
Some help real bad. Oh we need You we need You we need You,
Oh God. Do you hear us, oh Lord. We need You, we need You,
We need You oh Lord our God. We are weak but You are strong
Oh Lord our God.

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