Opening Prayer Chords


Opening Prayer Chords (Transposable):

Good evening. Oh Lord, help us tonight God. We say that we
love You, Lord. Release the passion for Jesus. Lord, break
our hearts tonight with the things that break Your heart, God.
Lord cleanse us and fill us, we say we desire no others, God.
More than anything God, we ask that there would be a release
of unity amongst us, God. That whatever we find to do we could
do it with all of our might before You. Unashamed and unhinderedly,
God we say that we are weak, but You are strong. We are
helpless, but You're the help. So we give You praise, God, and
we just ask that the spirit of intimacy would brood over us
tonight, God. And Lord, that somehow You would change the
mentality of the praise in our hearts, Lord, that's more than
just a fast song there's an intimacy that is hidden within
praise that we haven't touched yet, God. Release it to us, Lord.
Lord release to us the wisdom of music, the wisdom of song, Lord
in all that we do. We remind You of the Levites when they
gathered together in the s of old, Lord. You said in Zachariah
that You would raise up and restore the dwelling place of praise.
We ask that You would help us again tonight, Lord. In Jesus name,
everybody said amen. Say it one more . Just one more .
I just like to hear that.