Need To Know Chords


Need To Know Chords (Transposable):

Eb Gm Ab Ab/Bb

Verse 1
Ab Bb Eb/G Cm9
I heard Your voice speak and my heart understood
Ab Bb Ab/Eb Eb Ab/Eb Eb
That You were with me, and it changed me for good
Fm Eb/Bb Bb
But somes I feel like I'm walking alone
Eb/G Cm Bb
And I wonder where You are
Fm Eb/Bb Bb
Where is that sense of Your presence I felt
Ab Ab/Bb
Back when we were at the start

Eb Gm Ab Ab/Bb
Tell me once again, I need to hear say You love me in this moment
Eb Gm Ab
Tell me once again, I need to know You'll never leave me
Ab/Bb Cm Gm
And when the road grows dark, take me in Your arms
Abmaj7 Gm7 Fm7
Tell me that You'll always love me like the way You do

Interlude 1
Eb Gm Ab Ab/Bb

Verse 2
Ab Ab/Bb Eb/G Cm9
Life's like an epic story, so many parts
Ab Ab/Bb Ab/Eb Eb Ab/Eb Eb
Somes the sun is shining, some--s it's dark
Fm Eb/Bb Bb
It's in those s, when the darkness has come
Eb/G Cm Bb
I begin to feel afraid
Fm Eb/Bb Bb
Pressures and tensions bear down on my soul
Ab Ab/Bb
I need to hear the truth again


Interlude 2
- - - - - - - -
Ab Eb/G Ab Bb Eb/G
- - - - - - - - - -
Ab Eb/G Fm

Ab Eb/G Ab Bb Eb/G Ab Eb/G Fm
I can climb a mountain if I know
Ab Eb/G Ab Bb Eb/G Eb Ab Eb/G Fm
That You're with me an - y place I go
Ab Eb/G Ab Bb Eb/G Eb Ab Eb/G Fm
It's Your pres-ence that has made me brave
Ab Eb/G Ab Bb Eb/G Eb Ab Ab/Bb
It's Your presence that will keep me safe


Eb Gm Ab Ab/Bb Eb

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