New Name Chords


New Name Chords (Transposable):

Em A G Em A G Em A G F# B

Verse 1
Em A G Em A G
I was born with no chance at life
Em A G F# B
Dead before I took my first breath
Em A G Em A G
I was born with no family ties
Em A G F# B
Alone before I knew where I lived

A E5
They called me broken, worthless, and a shame
A E5
They called me wasted, used up, and chained
A E C#m
But You made me Your child and You called me Your own
Now they can call me
B Em [intro]
But they've got to use my new name

Verse 2
Em A G Em A G
I walked miles and couldn't find a home
Em A G F# B
There was no place I belonged
Em A G Em A G
I walked for days and days and weeks and years
Em A G F# B
Couldn't find a melody for my song

I don't need money, I don't need fame
I don't need the love that this world can bring
I don't need this prison, I don't need these chains
I needed a Father, and Child is my new name
Em A G

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