Fullness Found Chords


Fullness Found Chords (Transposable):

Bm A G G Bm A G G F#

Verse 1
Bm A G G
I've been walking around this world for some
Bm A G F#
I've found there are quite a few things to see
Bm A G G
Physical, emotional, intellectual stimulations
Bm A G G F# F# G G Bm
But at the core I found them empty empty

Bm A G G Bm A G G F#

Verse 2
Bm A G G
I've been trying so many things to fill me
Bm A G F#
But every one left me wanting
Bm A G G
Every answer left me with more questions
Bm A G G F# F# G G Bm
Every road ended empty empty

D A/C# Bm F#
For every emptiness, a fullness may be found
G D/F# Em A
For every lie there's something true
D A/C# Bm F#
And for this broken cup that's quickly leaking water
G D/F# Em F# Bm
There is a fullness found in You found in You

Verse 3
Bm A G G
I've been working hard at what I thought was useful
Bm A G F#
But my hands are so small next to Yours
Bm A G G
I've been trying to learn all that I thought would make me wise
Bm A G G
But I just found vanity and lies
F# F# G G A
Until You opened my eyes

Em Em Bm Bm
I thought everything was meaningless
Em Em D A/C#
Now I've found that's not true
Em Em Bm A
Who am I to doubt the good in things
Em Em D A/C# Bm A G G G G A
When all goodness comes from You from You

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