No Greater Aim Chords


No Greater Aim Chords (Transposable):

 E  C#m  A  A  E  C#m  A  A

 E C#m
Once my heart was lost, tangled deep in sin
 A F#m
Wandring far from grace, and veiled in shame
 E C#m
Yet with boundless love You have brought me home
 A F#m F#m
Now my greatest prize: to know Your Name

 A E C#m B
Knowing You, Jesus, only You
 A C#m B
There is no greater aim
 A E C#m B
In Your presence here my joy is found
 A C#m B
There is no higher gain

Oh my soul cries out just to know You more
To be fettered by unfailing love
Though the fires may flash, mighty thunders roar
Still my hope's secure in Christ above

A  E  B  C#m  B 

 Your love is higher, Your glory brighter
 B C#m B
And my hope is set on You
 My greatest longing is found in knowing
 B C#m B
That my hope is set on You

TURN 2: 
A  F#m

May my life be steeped in unceasing praise
'Til in death we'll meet on heaven's shore
Oh that glorious day, 'tis Your face I'll see
And in Your arms I'll sing forevermore

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