Now Unto Him Chords


Now Unto Him Chords (Transposable):

C2 G7sus D G7 D C2 E C/E Gm9 C F G F C/E Dm7
Now unto Him who is a - ble to keep you from falling
C F G F Em7 Am7
And to make you stand in His presence
Bb2 Bb Eb2 Eb Eb/G9sus G
Blameless and with great joy
Am Em G F G9 F Em7
To the only God, our Sav - ior
Am7 Dm7 E7sus E7 Am Am G
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord
F C/E C C/E F C/E Am7
Be the glory and the majesty, dominion and authority
Dm7 Em7 F G F F G G C G7sus D G7 D C2 E C/E F G C
Both now and ev - er, amen!