One Thing I Long For Chords


One Thing I Long For Chords (Transposable):

G Em7 C2
Jesus, Your amazing grace just makes me want to sing
G Em7 C2
Saviour, I am overwhelmed by all You've done for me
Am7 D Am7 D
You surrounded me with love, all that held me fell away
Em7 C2 Am7 D
In its place new life was given, and I run to seek Your face

G Am7 C2 D
Lord I long for more of You, to be held close by Your side
G Am7 C2 D
You have paid for me to come and Your heart is open wide
C2 D B7sus
To be carried near Your heart, to be found in Your embrace
Am7 D G
One thing I long for, to be close to You each day