Our Heart Chords


Our Heart Chords (Transposable):

G2 C G

G2 Em7 C2 C D D C D
Our heart, our desire, is to see the nations wor - ship
D G2 Em7 C2
Our cry, our prayer, is to sing Your praise
Am7 Dsus D
To the ends of the ear - th
Em B/D# G D G A A/C#
That with one mighty voice every tribe and tongue rejoi - ces
Oo - oo, oo - oo
G D Em Am7 C D D G G2
Our heart, our desire, is to see the nations worship You
C D [ chorus]
[ and s] C/E Gsus D

Em7 Am7 C D G2
To see the nations worship You

Verse 1
G2 Asus D
Heavenly Father, Your mercy showers down upon all people
Every race upon this earth
G2 D/F# Em G D
May Your Spirit pierce the darkness, break the chains of death upon us
Eb Am7 Am7 D
Let us rise in honest worship to declare Your matchless worth

Verse 2
There is no power that for one hour
Asus D C2
Can withstand the greatness of Your Word on tongues of faith
G2 D/F# Em G D
So, we're bold in intercession, claiming all Your possessions
Eb Am7 Am7 D
Praying now that every heart will bow before You, Lord, in praise

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