Precious Children Chords


Precious Children Chords (Transposable):

C2 Em7

Verse 1
C2 Em7 C2
Broken and defiled, clinging to our filth
Em7 F
We gloried in our shame running far from You
Am C Csus G
Still Your mercy sought and saved us

F C F G Am
Hallelujah, we belong to You
F C F G Am
You have washed our stains and have raised us up with Christ
F G C2 Em7 C2 Em7
Precious children in Your eyes

Am C2 G

Verse 2
C2 Em7 C2
You gave Your only Son Your joy and Your delight
Em7 F
You nailed Him to the cross You crushed Him for our sin
Am C Csus G
How could You love us like You love Him