Pursue Me Chords (Transposable):

Eb Bb/D Fsus

Verse 1
Eb Bb/D Fsus Eb Bb/D F Gm
Unrelenting grace, neverfailing mercy
Eb Bb/D Fsus Eb Gm F
Found me in my shame and gave me life again

Bb Fsus
Father, You love me, I hear You signing
Gm7 Eb2
You are calling me home
Bb Fsus
You run towards me, with love and mercy
Gm7 Eb Bb
Though I'm unworthy You pursue me

Interlude 1
F Gm7 Eb2

Verse 2
Eb Bb/D F Eb Bb/D F Gm
The moment I cried out, there You were, my rescue
Eb Bb/D F Eb Gm F
In Your arms restored, forever I am Yours


Interlude 2
Fsus A Gm7 Eb2 Bb Fsus A Gm7 Eb2

Bb Fsus A
You're everything to me, forgiven I belive
Gm7 Eb2 Bb
Forever I am Yours, forever I am Yours


[Interlude 2]