Release Me Chords


Release Me Chords (Transposable):

D5 1 G2

D5 G D5 G D5 G D5 G
Deep inside I'm crying out for more of You
D5 G D5 G D5 G
In my life I'm reaching out
D5 G D5 G D D5 G D
For what is true What is true

Pre-chorus 1
A2 C2 A2 C2
There are groanings, there are stirrings
D5 G D5 G D5 G D5
I can't satisfy

G D G2 D G2 D G2 D G2
Release me Father to dance like a child again
D G2 D G2 D G2 D G2
Take me Jesus to love You with passion's flame

Pre-chorus 2
A2 C2 A2 C2
Sweet sweet Spirit come and burn me now
A2 C2 A2 C2
So that I can feel it change me in and out