Reveal The Kingdom Chords


Reveal The Kingdom Chords (Transposable):

Dm C Gm7 F Dm C/E Bb F
Dm C Gm7 F Dm C/E

Verse 1
From the ashes and the dust
Dm Bb F C/E
We have found where we belong
Renewed our bonds of soul and voice
Dm Bb F
We cry out our anthem song
C Dm
Be thou our strength, to carry through
C Bb F/A Bb
The hope of grace and bear the truth
Gm F C/E Dm
As we wait for You to

C Bb F
Reveal the unseen Kingdom
Gm7 Fsus4 F
The glory of the new Son
C Bb F
Where ever more His love imparts
Dm C/E
The kingdom in our hearts
Dm C/E Bb6 F F Dm C/E
Reveal the King--dom
Bb F F
And reveal the King-dom
Dm C/E Bb6 F F Dm C/E
Reveal the King--dom, and reveal

Verse 2
Though we are strangers, we must not appall
Dm Bb F
But rise to answer the call
Tis whose life compels us to serve in love
Dm Bb F
The same who died for us all
C Dm
And rose to be our strength, and carry through
C Bb F/A Bb
The cross of grace, and bear the truth
Gm F C/E Dm
May we live, may we live to


Dm C/E Bb F F
And reveal, the King-dom

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