Revolution Cry Chords


Revolution Cry Chords (Transposable):

C#m7         A          E
When passion takes on a purpose
C#m7          A                E
And searching ones embrace the light
C#m7           A                            E
When skeptics find themselves down on their knees
B                E
You’ll know it’s here

When you hear a sound as loud as thunder
And you hear a cry that shakes the ground beneath you
When you hear a shout that shatters the darkness
You’ll know it’s here

        F#m7                     C#m7
When the lost find a name worth believing in
         A                         B
And the fallen get back onto their feet
         F#m7              C#m7
When the broken start to dream again
          A                          B
And the sound of praise fills these streets
You’ll know it’s here

         E     E/D#  C#m7      A         
It’s the revolution, can you feel it?
   E    E/D#    A
The revolution cry
   E    E/D#    C#m7     A
The revolution, can you hear it?
   E    E/D#    A
The revolution cry
       E    E   E/D#
And I believe it

How long do we have to wait?
And how long will we stay silent?
When will this weeping generation dance again (again)?
And, O God when will Your truth be restored?