Sacred Chords

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Sacred Chords (Transposable):

Dm Bb C Dm Dm

Dm F Bb Dm
We have come to worship the Majesty on high
Dm F Bb Dm
To fix our eyes on Jesus, the One who gave His life
Dm F Bb Dm
And there's a song in heaven, the angels sing Your praise
Dm F Bb Dm
And we will join that choir and glorify Your name

Bb F C Dm
Yes, this is something sacred, this holy ground
Bb F Dm C Bb
To come before our Savior, laying down our crowns
C Dm
Laying down our crowns

C Bb C Dm
Laying down our crowns, laying down our crowns

Bb Dm Bb Dm Bb F Dm C Dm

Bb Dm Bb Dm Bb F Dm C Dm C Dm

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