Savior Of My Heart Chords

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Savior Of My Heart Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1
D A Bm F#m
You alone are the Savior of my heart
G D Asus A
Tender and kind and true
D A Bm F#m
You alone are the shepherd of my soul
G D Asus A
Gracious in all You do

Bm A D
I will seek You in the morning
Bm F#m A
I will seek Your face at night
D G F#m G D
How lovely is Your presence to me, o Lord, to me

Verse 2
D A Bm F#m
Take my heart with all its wand'ring ways
G D Asus A
Shelter me in Your grace
D A Bm F#m
There I'll stay till all my days are through
G D Asus A
Then I shall see Your face

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