Show The World Chords


Show The World Chords (Transposable):

Am Am Am Am

Verse 1
Am Am Am Am
All around the world there's a cry tonight
Am Am Am Am
Deep within my soul there's a cry inside
Am Am Am Am
For children young and old there's a cry for justice
Am Am Am Am Dm
For the widow all alone, it's to shine

C G/B Am Dm C G/B Am
Go and show the world, shine, go and show tell the world, shine
[ Am C G D]

Verse 2
Am Am Am Am
It's to walk the walk not just talk the talk
Am Am Am Am
We're filled with power and truth is what we've been taught
Am Am Am Am
So rise up young and old, clothe the widow, feed the children
Am Am Am Am Dm
Don't wait for someone else this is our burden

Am C G D
This is the sight of His army I hear the sound of His war

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