Showers Of Mercy Chords


Showers Of Mercy Chords (Transposable):

Send Your Show - ers of mer - cy
F#m A
And riv - ers of bless - ing,
Show - ers of mer - cy
F#m A
And s of re - fresh - ing,
E B F#m
Show - ers of mer - cy that flow
From Your presence, O Lord
A2 B E B F#m E B F#m E
Re - vive us once more.

Verse 1
C#m G#m7 A B
Let Your glo - ry pass be - fore our eyes.
C#m G#m7
Let us taste Your good - ness, Lord,
'Til we are sat - - is - fied
B7sus4 B
With love so high and wide


Verse 2
C#m G#m7 A
Send Your rain up - on our thirst - ing souls
B C#m G#m7
Plough a - gain this fal - low ground,
Oh let a fresh wind blow
B7sus4 B
And let our prais - es flow.


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