Sing To The King Chords


Sing To The King Chords (Transposable):

Verse 1

E             B           A         E
Sing to the king who is coming to reign
E          B        A              E
glory to Jesus the lamb that was slain
E            B            A           E
Life and salvation his empire shall bring
E                B           A         E
And joy to the nations, when Jesus is king
 (repeat verse one)

E                           F#m7                         A
come, let us sing a song, a song declring we belong to jesus
He is all we need
E                          F#m7                             A
lift up a heart of praise, sing now with voices raised to jesus
sing to the king

Verse 2
E          B           A           E
For his returning we watch and we pray
E           B         A            E
we will be ready the dawn of that day
E               B            A        E
we'll join in singing with all the redeemed
E                B             A        E
cause satan is vanquished and jesus is king

(repeat chorus)
(repeat verse 2)