Sinking Ships Chords (Transposable):

D                     A                 Bm
 As you sail on the sea you could never seem to see
     G                                D
That all of your dreams could be tossed in the waves
      A                Bm              G
And lost in the ocean, sinking in, that sinking feeling
    D                 A
And as your world has stopped its turning,
Your heart stands still
  G                       D                A
Hanging by this melody of life that hasn't lost its meaning
Bm                           G              D
  And when you're lost as sea I will be your shore

 D                 A                        Bm
  So just hold tight, your ship is going down
                    G                     D
 In the storm of life I won't let you drown
                A                       Bm
 It'll be alright now if you just hold on
               G               D
 So just hold on, rescue has come

D                    A
 Right where the stars have left you dead
Bm              G
 In the cold and on your own
     D               A
But I see a silver lin-ing appear
   Bm                  G
be-yond the dark and be-yond your fear
       D              A                   Bm
'Cause you were never meant to do this alone
                           G                D
 And when you're lost as sea I will be your shore


 D    A   Bm   G  

Bm               G
 Through the storm, through the night
D              A
 Hold onto hope, I'll be your guide
Bm                G
 And when the waves come crashing down
D            A                   D
 By your side is where I'll stay


 D    A   Bm   G
                 Rescue has come
D   A   Bm   G   D

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