Sleep Jesus Sleep Chords


Sleep Jesus Sleep Chords (Transposable):

C C Fmaj7 Fmaj7

Verse 1
C Fmaj7 C
Sleep, Jesus, sleep, we've come to see
G/B C F2
You who never closed Your eyes
G/B C Fmaj7
Watching over earth and skies
Fmaj7 C/E Dm9 G/B C
Now in frail humanity must sleep

Fmaj7 C
Sovereign One, born as Mary's son
Prince of Peace
G/B C F2 C/E Dm9 G/B
One day You'll deliver me, deliver me

Verse 2
C Fmaj7 C
Sleep, newborn King, we'll gently sing
G/B C F2
You who reigns forevermore
G/B C Fmaj7
Ruling as the Lord of lords
Fmaj7 C/E Dm9 G/B C
You who never had a need must sleep


Verse 3
C Fmaj7 C
But now sleep, Son of God, we'll watch in awe
G/B C F2
You'll fulfill the Father's plan
G/B C Fmaj7
Reconciling God and man
F2 C/E Dm9 G/B C
Now Your promises to keep must sleep

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