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Verse 1
C2 Dm7 C2 G
I don't have all the answers, never met a man who did
C2 Dm7
Seems one can drown in questions
C2 G Am D Dsus4
Looking for a worthy cause to live; but this this I know

I've been rescued I am held on a rock
That will not move will not shake
Gsus G
Will not crack it will not break
As the world spins round and round and round
As the world keeps spinning round and round
C Gsus G
I know where there is solid ground

Verse 2
C2 Dm7
In wars of men and rumours of them
C2 G
The weak are trampled underfoot
C2 Dm7
While we're crying out for justice
C2 G
What in the world's been overlooked
Am D Dsus4
But this this I know


Am D Bm E Am D Dsus

Verse 3
C2 Dm7
We're surrounded now by seekers
C2 G
Needing to find what's been lost
C2 Dm7
And when we breath we all can feel it
C2 G Am D Dsus4
The ache inside us to belong and this this I know



F Dm7 C Gsus G F

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